Production capacity

  In terms of production capacity, there are currently 8 SMT Lines, with a total daily production capacity of 10.5 million points; DIP has 3 production lines with a total daily production capacity of approximately 3,200 substrates; and 3 package lines, which can reach approximately 600 units per day. The total daily capacity of the finished product package.

SMT Line

  Panasonic series Mounter has 5 production lines, equipped with YAMAHA and DEK printing press Reflow models - BTU*3, TAMURA*2, 5 lines have On Line AOI configuration, can produce the smallest part SIZE-03015 and POP process.

  YAMAHA series Mounter has 3 production lines. It is equipped with DEK printing machine Reflow and TAMURA. The 3 lines have On Line AOI configuration, which can produce the smallest part SIZE-01005 and POP process.

  Full-time nitrogen supply production, product 100% A.O.I. inspection.

DIP Line

  DIP has two types of machines, 2018.04, which purchased a CP3000 and two over-motors CNSA-1648 wave soldering furnaces. At present, the DIP plate size can reach 500mm.

  The DIP process is equipped with four different types of cutting machines for various design cracking requirements, and the UV dispensing machine & the German ICT can be selected according to customer needs.

Assembly Line

  The assembly line is 60 meters long and 1 piece. The test packaging line is 36 meters long and 2 pieces. There is also a Module test line. The assembly line equipment includes hot press, ultrasonic press machine, vibration tester, Clean, Bench barcode printer Off Line. Both & On Line are available for purchase.

  B/I Room There are currently 2 rooms for temperature monitoring from room temperature to 65 ° C. The sockets have independent timing functions.