Education Training

  Human-based management is the essence of Ying Yi. We believe that human's nature is good and we orientate humanity. Under this philosophy, Ying Yi creates an autonomy learning atmosphere and environment with systematic training program to train up outstanding talents. Also, this is the successful key to step to the worldwide competition.

Completely Raw Recruit Training

  Lead raw recruits familiar with environment and establish their organizational recognition. In professional knowledge aspect, work out complete core curricula for manufacturing flow path and assist raw recruits to establish operational appreciation and confidence.

Scientific Talent Development

  Under the competitive industry environment, Ying Yi devotes to professional talent development and enhances stratum management ability training. Discipline and management two-way equally emphasizing training program is carry out, and Ying Yi assist language etc. self-learning project to fulfill enterprise developmental target in the future.

Talent Recruitment

Resume Delivery

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