Founder's Words

  High technology era is varying from minute to minute; Ying Yi has been growth with Taiwan economy for more than 40 years. We keeps renewing equipment and goes in quest of enterprises transition for times conversion. We provides vertical integration and omni bearing service program with the most superiority manufacturing concept to step forward international new visual field.

Conduct Philosophy

  In the Twenty first century, information, science and technology are being developed rapidly constantly. Mankind requires higher and higher quality of the life. Ying Yi with the spirit which is " specialty、 quality、service " to create more life value for everyone. The purpose lies in high quality sharing of life.

  Under highly competitive environment, Ying Yi adheres to management idea that [prioritize customer and paramount service]. With abundant professional knowledge, secular practical production experience and dependable style, Ying Yi constantly creates newness and variation on production technology and management. Through advanced equipment and effective quality system, specialized service quality and the spirit of changes pursuing in the face of looking for novelty, Ying Yi offer faster and more complete service to customer.